You say you can’t draw?! I say, “Hogwash!”

People always say things like, “Oh, I can’t draw a straight line,” or, “I couldn’t draw a stick figure,” and I always think the same thing when I hear it, “So what? That’s not what drawing is about.” To me , it seems kind of sad and self-defeating to close a door because you only see one thing behind it. Artistic expression has nothing to do with the straight line and the perfectly detailed, proportionally correct sketch. I guess, once again, I am being too literal, and that people who say these things may not want to put themselves out there artistically. I know all about the pressure that can involve. But maybe some of them really think that! It really makes me want to sit everyone down with a canvas and a paintbrush and tell them they’ve been wrong about themselves all these years. That yes they CAN draw a stick figure and however it comes out will be wonderful, because it came out of THEM! The fact that we can use our minds to put color and shape and emotion physically on paper for the world to see is, in itself, a truly wonderful human feat. We should all feel proud of ourselves when we take the time to imagine and create something artistic. There are no rules that will break if your expression doesn’t look like how you’ve always thought it should. Artwork is unique to it’s creator. There will always be opinions. There will always be positive and negative feedback. Don’t deny yourself a little artistic expression because you’ve told yourself you can’t draw! It simply isn’t true. I believe everyone can draw. Everyone can paint. Art is a school within itself, where once you attend and open yourself up a bit, you learn and grow and your artwork moves forward along the same path. And if you continue being artistic throughout your life, in whichever way you choose, you can step back here and there and observe your life through your art’s eyes. I’ve seen myself change and morph into various versions of myself through my art over the years. I’ve never had the opportunity to look at one of my paintings and feel anything but a need for more knowledge and experience. I wish for someone who has never given picking up a paintbrush a second thought, because they told themselves they couldn’t do it, to give it a try. To begin painting without any expectations. Only to merely let a part of themselves out onto a canvas. If nothing else, you’ll have a quiet break from life where possibilities are endless. Put some music on, make yourself a nice workspace, give yourself some time to relax. If it’s not a therapeutic experience for you, you still might have your expectations too high. If you find yourself forgetting your troubles and feeling the music, you are right where you need to be.


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