I’ve Been Painting Dog Portraits


I had a cat for 18 years. We watched each other grow up and kept each other company. She consoled me when life as a teenager got me down. She came to college with me and watched me sleep in, slack off, do last minute papers and stay up all night working on the painting due the next morning. She helped me move back in with my parents when college was over and I had no job or prospects. She was there for me when I met the love of my life and moved in with him. She finally grew tired and passed away and I was heartbroken. We had loved each other so much.

Time went by, my Dad got really sick, and I decided I wanted to adopt a dog. I begged my boyfriend. I was convinced that I could face anything if I had an animal to love and spend time with. So after months and months of searching and meeting prospective pups and watching the Dog Whisperer, we adopted our American Bulldog/Pointer mix and life as we knew it would never be the same. We had to work on our relationship and pack rankings for a while, of course, but he’s our best friend and many nights are spent curled up on the couch with him. He became the subject of two paintings and has inspired me to paint other dog portraits. The portrait above is of him looking quite handsome and serious. The one below, happy and laughing.


I still miss my cat sometimes. We had such history. I realize I’ve yet to paint her portrait.




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